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Calcutta (now Kolkata), the capital of West Bengal, is situated near the bank of the river Hooghly. It has a rich history associated with the rule of the Nawabs, the East India Company and the Indian struggle for independence. It has been the birthplace of many spirited freedom fighters. It has been right called the City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre. The Calcutta Tour Packages gives you the taste of the para of the closeness with one’s neighbour which is predominant in the culture of Calcutta. There are various sites to visit in this city which dotted with monuments that give you a glimpse of the history of the city.

When to visit Calcutta?
The best time to t avail the Calcutta Tour Packages is between October and March. During this period it will be possible for the tourists to enjoy the tour in the autumn season. It is also during the month of October that the famous Durga Puja is celebrated. Tourists who visit at this time of the year get a taste of the spirit of fun and frenzy that the city flows in.
Places where the Calcutta Tour Packages can take you
This 300 years old city has various places to leave the traveller awestruck. There the famous Victoria Memorial built in the memory of Queen Victoria by Lord Curzon. This huge marble structure stores important relics that belonged to the days of the British Raj. Then there is also famous 450 meter long Howrah Bridge which built without any pylon. It is considered the busiest of bridges in the world. This bridge was constructed during the early years of the 20th century. There is the Eden Garden which the where the social elites gather. For the religious soul there is Kalighat, the temple dedicated to the Goddess Shakti, Kali. There is a circular single storied structure, the Birla Planetarium. This is an imitation of the Sanchi Stupa. Apart from these the other places to visit are the Marble Palace, Dalhousie Square and the Indian Museum.
The Calcutta Tour Packages also takes you to the country side of Calcutta
You can stay in Calcutta and enjoy your trip. The Calcutta Tour Packages also has facilities to take you to the outskirts of Calcutta which have equally interesting places that still draw thousands of visitors every year. There is Shantiniketan which famously known as Tagore’s university township. This place has the culture and the touch of Tagore at every corner. It is also considered to be a place to relax and cure chronic diseases. Belur Math is a pilgrimage for the followers of Ramakrishna. It is also the headquarters if The Ramakrishna Mission. The Dakshineshwar Temple, another famous temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, was once the dwelling of Ramakrishna. There is the Botanical Garden which covers about 110 hectares of area. Here you can see a Banyan tree that has lived for 250 years. The main location where the famous Balucheri saree is made is Bishnupur. This place is dotted with historical structures that show the talented works of the artisans of old India.
Other attractions of the city
The Calcutta Tour Packages brings you to a city where there is no dearth of markets. It is sometimes also called the shopper’s paradise. Though the city might be a little crowded and dusty, it still holds its charm in the whiff of history. There is the Calcutta Book Fair which is held towards the end of January and continues till February. Calcutta can be reached easily by trains, airways and by road. It is a well connected city and a tour round this city gives a memory to cherish for the rest of your life.

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